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1. Ceramic paints or coatings

Two types of high temperature paints are supplied for coating metals, graphite and ceramics. These paints are economical, non-flammable, water based and high purity formulated products. Like domestic paints, they are conveniently applied with a brush.

a) Ceracoat-Al is alumina based coating, providing protection up to 1400oC.

b) Ceracoat-BN is a boron nitrite base coating, providing non-sticking protection and high temperature lubrication for molten aluminium, magnesium and zinc.

2. Sol-gel coatings: 

This technique is to coat a substrate with a ceramic in liquid form. After curing through a hydrolization process and firing, the liquid becomes a solid ceramic phase. The famous self-cleaning glass can be produced with this method. 

Silica, alumina and titanium oxide coatings as thin as 1 micron can be applied to various materials such as steel and ceramics. Other functional coatings (like TiO2) may also be applied via sol-gel technique.

Please let us know  if you need to coat article with this method.

3. High temperature adhesives

                     High alumina type: withstands temperature up to 1650 oC, thermal expansion coefficient of 65 m/moC-1.

                     Fused silica modified type: a  low thermal expansion of 30 m/moC-1. Max temperature of 1200 oC

                     Mullite type: withstands temperature up to 1450 oC ,  thermal expansion coefficient of 50 m/moC-1.

These adhesives are very effective to bond ceramic to ceramic, ceramic to metals and ceramic to glass.

Applications include electrical components, thermal couples, potting, crucible and furnace repairing, and fixtures for anything involving heat.






 New Product Developments:

1.      Porous ceramic coating with various pore size distribution.

2.      Ceramic coatings for corrosive resistance.