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About us

HP Technical Ceramics was formed in 1997 to manufacture near zero thermal expansion ceramic nozzles for application at high temperatures up to 1600oC for a local company. In the next couple years, a lot of our efforts were made to develop thermal shock resistant ceramic components for foundry applications.

From 2001 we have devoted our main resources in developing porous ceramic materials in terms of controlled pore size distribution, good mechanical properties, high temperature stability and chemical resistance. In 2007, we became the first European company that can offer porous ceramics with serialised pore size distributions, from macro to micro, from micro to nano. During the years of practice, we have also perfected the porous ceramic shape forming technology, e.g. allowing porous ceramic tube as small as a needle and a large tube as concrete pipe to be manufactured. Because of this, many successful novel applications of the porous ceramics have been achieved by our customers in their product innovation.

We are now seeking strategic alliance with companies where our ceramic technologies can be more effectively explored and who have a better marketing capability. Please let us know if you are interested in such an alliance.

We aim to serve industries and research organizations with specialised and practical ceramic technology. We supply various technical ceramic components of standard formulations as well as engineered specials to meet your diverse needs. In order for a company to gain a strong market place or a research project to achieve a leading edge, the speed is of the essence. HP Technical Ceramics is a compact company allowing its personnel to act quickly in response to customerís requirements. Once a correct material is chosen and component designed, we shall manufacture that product in days rather in weeks. Our strength lies not only in diversified selection of materials but also in ceramic shape forming technologies and many years of experience of practical approach. 

If you have an enquiry, please
contact us  by email, we shall come back to you promptly (normally with 24 hours) with a solution or an advice.








   New Product Developments:

1.      Ceramic filter with various pore size ranges and low pressure drop.

2.      Poreslides: Ceramic substrates with nano-pore surface structure, a unique platform for chemical and bio-chemical applications.